City Girl / Country Girl

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An eggshell splitting when first cracked open… The flurry of powdered sugar falling on hot delicacies… The scent of freshly baked pie floating throughout the home. These were all common sights, sounds and smells for one who spent time in the family kitchen and sisters Shell and Kim were certainly no strangers.

As young girls, Shell and Kim would spend time in Texas with their German great-grandmother. Inside her rustic kitchen, the pair learned the alchemy of baking. Bonding over their shared love of good food, the girls quickly absorbed the wealth of knowledge being passed down to them. They would learn, and eventually master, the nuances of preparation, execution and presentation, all of which would inform their earnest love of food.


The sisters also appreciated and embraced a sustainable lifestyle early on, decades before chic farmers markets and overpriced farm-to-table restaurants. It was a regular occurrence to gather ingredients for a recipe from their own garden or to trot down to the local farm stand for fresh fare.


For Shell and Kim, culinary degrees were never their ambition. They were self-taught chefs from the word “go”, and their passion for fresh, organic food fueled their lifelong journey.

Within these pages you will find the result – an array of accessible and delectable recipes. Whether you are concocting meals in a sprawling country house or within a studio apartment in the urban jungle, you are bound to taste the warmth and love of kinship in every bite.

Words by Daniel Alonso / Images by Shell Royster


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